This method should not be called.


The problem

This check prevents calls to methods annotated with Error Prone’s @DoNotCall annotation (

The check disallows invocations and method references of the annotated method.

There are a few situations where this can be useful, including methods that are required to satisfy the contract of an interface, but that are not supported.

A method annotated with @DoNotCall should always be final or abstract. If an abstract method is annotated @DoNotCall Error Prone will ensure all implementations of that method also have the annotation. Methods annotated with @DoNotCall should not be private, since a private method that should not be called can simply be removed.

TIP: Marking methods annotated with @DoNotCall as @Deprecated is recommended, since it provides IDE users with more immediate feedback.


java.util.Collection#add should never be called on an immutable collection implementation:


class ImmutableList<E> implements List<E> {

 // ...

  * Guaranteed to throw an exception and leave the list unmodified.
  * @deprecated Unsupported operation.
 @DoNotCall("guaranteed to throw an exception and leave the list unmodified")
 public final void add(E e) {
   throw new UnsupportedOperationException();


Suppress false positives by adding the suppression annotation @SuppressWarnings("DoNotCall") to the enclosing element.