Non-generic methods should not be invoked with type arguments


The problem

JLS ยง15.12.2.1 allows non-generic methods to be invoked with type arguments:

a non-generic method may be potentially applicable to an invocation that supplies explicit type arguments. Indeed, it may turn out to be applicable. In such a case, the type arguments will simply be ignored.

This rule stems from issues of compatibility and principles of substitutability. Since interfaces or superclasses may be generified independently of their subtypes, we may override a generic method with a non-generic one. However, the overriding (non-generic) method must be applicable to calls to the generic method, including calls that explicitly pass type arguments. Otherwise the subtype would not be substitutable for its generified supertype.

There is no reason to do this in cases where the method being called is not an override of a generic method.


Suppress false positives by adding the suppression annotation @SuppressWarnings("UnnecessaryTypeArgument") to the enclosing element.