Class CanBeStaticAnalyzer


public class CanBeStaticAnalyzer
Analyzes trees for references to their enclosing instance.
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    Nested Classes
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    static class  CanBeStaticAnalyzer.CanBeStaticResult
    Stores the result of a can-be-static query.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    static CanBeStaticAnalyzer.CanBeStaticResult canBeStaticResult​(com.sun.source.tree.Tree tree, owner, VisitorState state)  
    static boolean referencesOuter​(com.sun.source.tree.Tree tree, owner, VisitorState state)
    Returns true if the tree references its enclosing class.
    void visitAnnotation​( tree)  
    void visitIdent​( tree)  
    void visitNewClass​( tree)  
    void visitReference​( tree)  
    void visitSelect​( tree)  

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  • Method Details

    • referencesOuter

      public static boolean referencesOuter​(com.sun.source.tree.Tree tree, owner, VisitorState state)
      Returns true if the tree references its enclosing class.
    • canBeStaticResult

      public static CanBeStaticAnalyzer.CanBeStaticResult canBeStaticResult​(com.sun.source.tree.Tree tree, owner, VisitorState state)
    • visitIdent

      public void visitIdent​( tree)
      visitIdent in class
    • visitSelect

      public void visitSelect​( tree)
      visitSelect in class
    • visitNewClass

      public void visitNewClass​( tree)
      visitNewClass in class
    • visitReference

      public void visitReference​( tree)
      visitReference in class
    • visitAnnotation

      public void visitAnnotation​( tree)
      visitAnnotation in class