Class ExternalCanIgnoreReturnValue


public final class ExternalCanIgnoreReturnValue
extends ResultUseRule.MethodRule<VisitorState,​,​>
External source of information about @CanIgnoreReturnValue-equivalent API's.
  • Method Details

    • externalIgnoreList

      public static ResultUseRule<VisitorState,​> externalIgnoreList()
      Returns a rule using an external list of APIs to ignore.
    • id

      public String id()
      Description copied from class: ResultUseRule
      An ID for uniquely identifying this rule.
      Specified by:
      id in class ResultUseRule<VisitorState,​>
    • evaluateMethod

      public Optional<ResultUsePolicy> evaluateMethod​( method, VisitorState state)
      Description copied from class: ResultUseRule.MethodRule
      Evaluates the given method and optionally returns a ResultUsePolicy for it.
      Specified by:
      evaluateMethod in class ResultUseRule.MethodRule<VisitorState,​,​>
    • surroundingClass

      public static String surroundingClass​( methodSymbol)
    • methodNameAndParams

      public static String methodNameAndParams​( methodSymbol, types)