Class NullnessAnalysis

All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class NullnessAnalysis
extends Object
implements Serializable
An interface to the nullness analysis.
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Serialized Form
  • Method Details

    • instance

      public static NullnessAnalysis instance​( context)
      Retrieve an instance of NullnessAnalysis from the context. If there is no NullnessAnalysis currently in the context, create one, insert it, and return it.
    • getNullness

      public Nullness getNullness​(com.sun.source.util.TreePath exprPath, context)
      Returns the Nullness of the leaf of exprPath.

      If the leaf required the compiler to generate autoboxing or autounboxing calls, getNullness returns the Nullness after the boxing/unboxing. This implies that, in those cases, it will always return NONNULL.