public class InferredNullability
extends Object
Results of running NullnessQualifierInference over a method. The constraintGraph represents qualifier constraints as a directed graph, where graph reachability encodes a less-than-or-equal-to relationship.
  • Method Details

    • getNullnessGenerics

      public<,​Nullness> getNullnessGenerics​(com.sun.source.tree.MethodInvocationTree callsite)
      Get inferred nullness qualifiers for method-generic type variables at a callsite. When inference is not possible for a given type variable, that type variable is not included in the resulting map.
    • getExprNullness

      public Optional<Nullness> getExprNullness​(com.sun.source.tree.ExpressionTree exprTree)
      Get inferred nullness qualifier for an expression, if possible.