Class MultiMatcher.MultiMatchResult<N extends com.sun.source.tree.Tree>

Enclosing interface:
MultiMatcher<T extends com.sun.source.tree.Tree,​N extends com.sun.source.tree.Tree>

public abstract static class MultiMatcher.MultiMatchResult<N extends com.sun.source.tree.Tree>
extends Object
A result from the call of MultiMatcher.multiMatchResult(Tree, VisitorState), containing information about whether it matched, and if so, what nodes matched.
  • Method Details

    • matches

      public abstract boolean matches()
      True if the MultiMatcher matched the nodes expected.
    • matchingNodes

      public abstract<N> matchingNodes()
      The list of nodes which matched the MultiMatcher's expectations (could be empty if the match type was ALL and there were no child nodes). Only sensical if matches() is true.
    • onlyMatchingNode

      public final N onlyMatchingNode()