Interface MethodInvocationMatcher.Token

All Known Implementing Classes:
MethodInvocationMatcher.Token.DefinedIn, MethodInvocationMatcher.Token.Kind, MethodInvocationMatcher.Token.MethodName, MethodInvocationMatcher.Token.ParameterTypes, MethodInvocationMatcher.Token.ReceiverSupertype, MethodInvocationMatcher.Token.ReceiverType
Enclosing class:

public static interface MethodInvocationMatcher.Token
A specific value for a property that a method invocation can have.

This is part of the low-level API for constructing Rule objects dynamically. Consider using the fluent API from MethodMatcher, and the associated helpers in Matchers, when possible. Do not create your own implementations of this interface.

  • Method Details

    • type

      The category of properties that this value falls into.
    • comparisonKey

      Object comparisonKey()
      The value to compare with MethodInvocationMatcher.TokenType.extract(Context, VisitorState) to determine whether this property matches.