Class TermEditDistance


public class TermEditDistance
extends Object
A utility class for finding the distance between two identifiers. Each identifier is split into its constituent terms (based on camel case or underscore naming conventions). Then the edit distance between each term is computed and the minimum cost assignment is found.
  • Constructor Details

    • TermEditDistance

      public TermEditDistance​(BiFunction<String,​String,​Double> editDistanceFn, BiFunction<Integer,​Integer,​Double> maxDistanceFn)
      Creates a TermEditDistance Object
      editDistanceFn - function to compute the distance between two terms
      maxDistanceFn - function to compute the worst case distance between two terms
    • TermEditDistance

      public TermEditDistance()
  • Method Details

    • getNormalizedEditDistance

      public double getNormalizedEditDistance​(String source, String target)