Interface DiffSupplier

public interface DiffSupplier
Supplier of file differences.

This can be a data source (e.g. an already computed diff file) or it can produce diffs on the fly by reading files from a FileSource and processing each one by one.

Author: (Simon Nickerson)
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    getDiffs(FileSource fileSource, String[] fileNames)
    Gets the list of differences
  • Method Details

    • getDiffs

      Iterable<Diff> getDiffs(FileSource fileSource, @Nullable String[] fileNames) throws IOException
      Gets the list of differences
      fileSource - the source of source files
      fileNames - an optional list of filenames to restrict to. If null, there is no restriction on file names. This will make more sense for some diff suppliers than others.)
      the diffs
      IOException - if there is an I/O problem while generating the diffs