Class ExpressionTemplate

All Implemented Interfaces:
Unifiable<>, Serializable

public abstract class ExpressionTemplate
extends Template<>
implements Unifiable<>
Implementation of a template to match and replace an expression anywhere in an AST.
Author: (Louis Wasserman)
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Serialized Form
  • Constructor Details

    • ExpressionTemplate

      public ExpressionTemplate()
  • Method Details

    • create

      public static ExpressionTemplate create​(UExpression expression, UType returnType)
    • create

      public static ExpressionTemplate create​(Map<String,​? extends UType> expressionArgumentTypes, UExpression expression, UType returnType)
    • create

      public static ExpressionTemplate create​(<Annotation> annotations, Iterable<UTypeVar> typeVariables, Map<String,​? extends UType> expressionArgumentTypes, UExpression expression, UType returnType)
    • generateNegation

      public boolean generateNegation()
    • negation

      public ExpressionTemplate negation()
    • match

      public Iterable<> match​( target, context)
      Returns the matches of this template against the specified target AST.
      Specified by:
      match in class Template<>
    • unify

      public Choice<Unifier> unify​( target, Unifier unifier)
      Description copied from interface: Unifiable
      Returns all valid unification paths (if any) from this Unifier that unify this with target.
      Specified by:
      unify in interface Unifiable<>
    • replace

      public Fix replace​( match)
      Generates a SuggestedFix replacing the specified match (usually of another template) with this template.
      Specified by:
      replace in class Template<>