• Class
    A type-safe map from objects of type Bindings.Key<V>, which consist of a String key and a Bindings.Key subclass, to values of type V.
    A key type for a Binding.
    Template representing a sequence of consecutive statements.
    A representation of a choice with zero or more options, which may be evaluated lazily or strictly.
    Analyzes a series of statements to determine whether they don't, sometimes, or never return.
    The state of whether a sequence of statements may return, break out of the visited statements, or neither.
    Exception thrown when a class symbol could not be resolved by the compiler.
    Implementation of a template to match and replace an expression anywhere in an AST.
    Policy specifying when and how to import classes when inlining types.
    A context representing all the dependencies necessary to reconstruct a pretty-printable source tree from a UTree based on a set of substitutions.
    Binding for a local variable in a template.
    Static utilities to indicate special handling in Refaster templates.
    RefasterRule<M extends TemplateMatch,T extends Template<M>>
    A representation of an entire Refaster rule, corresponding to a class with @BeforeTemplates and @AfterTemplates.
    Scanner implementation to extract a single Refaster rule from a ClassTree.
    A javac plugin that compiles Refaster rules to a .analyzer file.
    TaskListener that receives compilation of a Refaster rule class and outputs a serialized analyzer to the specified path.
    A simple wrapper to view a String as a Name.
    Abstract superclass for templates that can be used to search and replace in a Java syntax tree.
    Abstract type representing a match against a Template.
    UExpression allowing a match against any of a list of expressions.
    A representation of a type with optional generic parameters.
    UTree version of ExpressionTree.
    UType version of Type.ForAll.
    Free identifier that can be bound to any expression of the appropriate type.
    UType representation of an IntersectionClassType.
    UTree version of LiteralTree.
    UTree version of MemberSelectTree.
    Identifier representing an unqualified instant method.
    UTree version of MethodInvocationTree.
    A UType representation of a Type.MethodType.
    A serializable representation of a template that can be matched against a target of type T.
    A mutable representation of an attempt to match a template source tree against a target source tree.
    UTree representation of an invocation of a placeholder method.
    UTree representation of a ReturnTree.
    UTree representation of a StatementTree.
    Tuple of a Unifier and a list of statements that are still waiting to be matched.
    Identifier representing a static member (field, method, etc.) on a class.
    Converts a type-checked syntax tree to a portable UTree template.
    UTree<T extends>
    A serializable representation of a template syntax tree which can be unified with a target AST and inlined based on a set of substitutions.
    A serializable representation of a type template, used for enforcing type constraints on target ASTs.
    UType version of Type.TypeVar.
    Bindings key linked to a UTypeVar.
    Tuple of an expression with an associated type.
    A UTree representation of a local variable declaration.